Cloud Hopper Aviation

South Louisiana’s Premiere Flying Club

About Us

Private Charter Plane & Aerospace

Cloud Hopper Aviation is the only flying club based in the Acadiana area. Based at KIYA’s Vector Aviation, members have full access to three planes to use as your own. Our Cessna 152 is available to student pilots looking to earn a private pilots certificate. You will have full access to our Cessna 182RG and Piper Cherokee 180 to use for local or extended trips. Members do not have to compete with flight school schedules and are allowed to take planes on extended trips. Our maintenance team is based on the field to promptly address any mechanical issue that may arise.

The benefits of membership are numerous. One of the main benefits of membership is affordability. Membership in a flying club is usually less than the cost of insuring your own plane. All the maintenance costs are spread over all the members making it very affordable. In addition, we take care of all the maintenance and management. Annual inspections, 100 hr inspections, oil changes and GPS database updates are just a few of the burdens of airplane ownership you will not have to deal with.

We are accepting new members and adding more planes. Call today for more information.

Our Gallery

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a history buff, or simply someone who appreciates the majesty of flight…..come, take a stroll through the clouds with us and let your imagination soar.


1985 Cessna 182RG
1969 Piper Cherokee 180